Public Auction - May 19, 20, 21

Due to Guy's passing last September, we have been closed for the winter. We will open for a PUBLIC auction on Saturday May 19, Sunday May 20 and Monday May 21. If you would like to attend the auction, please be sure to bring plenty of packing material ie: packing blankets, boxes, newspaper, bubblewrap and so on.

The auction will begin at 9:00am each day.

EVERYTHING is to be sold.

Visa and Mastercard will be accepted.

We will NOT be making any individual sales in the interim.

For more information, including Terms and what will be sold when, please visit

Front Desert Flower

Desert Flower - 2747 Chambersburg Rd

Welcome to Desert Flower Wholesale Inc. We are located at 2747 Chambersburg Road (Route 30) 6 miles west of Gettysburg.

Outside you will find a vast assortment of Concrete Statuary Gargoyles to Angels, Lions to Turtles and everything in between. Also available are Concrete Planters, Pillars, Pavers and Furniture, life size and sometimes larger than life Fiberglass Animals. You can't miss them!